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Order now and read Talk Football in time for the Fall Season! 

Talk Football is written for women who want to understand football.  This book bridges the gender gap so women can comprehend and enjoy this popular sport.  So read on, and soon, you'll be able to "talk football."

Talk Football is packed with valuable information, watercolors and illustrations that bring an understanding of a sport that so many enjoy.

Table of Contents

 1. American Football's History
 2. The Football Field
 3. Football Gear
 4. The Players
 5. The Coaches
 6. The Score
 7. Game Time
 8. Officials, Play Rulings and
 9. How a Typical Game May Go
10. The X's and O's
11. Official's Signals
12. Gridiron Glossary

"[Talk Football] is a great asset to anyone trying to learn the game."
Bonita Favre, Mother of Quarterback Brett Favre

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